Who we are

Helping children since 2007

Our History

The ASB Foundation was founded in New York in 2007 by a small group of individuals who joined forces in order to carry on the efforts of Amette Saloum Boye who has worked tirelessly to help the disadvantaged families of the village of Koutal, Senegal. The village of Koutal was created in 1968 to house people with leprosy and their families. For the past 28 years Amette Saloum Boye, with the support of other caring helpers, has been a pioneer in raising donations of goods, clothing and food for Koutal – a much neglected and extremely remote part of Senegal. These donations of toys, food, clothes, and funds to pay for basic necessities like electricity and water remind these children that they are special and not forgotten.

Our Mission

The ASB Foundation is a non-governmental, not for profit, international humanitarian organization dedicated to the growth and development of the children of lepers in Koutal, Senegal. Our mission is to bring joy on a daily basis to these children whose lives have been affected by their parents’ disease by providing toys, clothing, education, access to healthcare for the sick and a brighter future for all who live in this village. As Amette is approaching retirement at 72, there is now a more acute need for aid far beyond what he and his network have been able to provide. The region’s problems are further compounded by grave economic hardship and a greater need for the most basic resources of medical care, food, clean water and education. In this connected age in which we live, I am inviting you to take a couple of minutes out of your day to learn about Koutal and to see how you can join our efforts to help these children and their parents live a brighter future.


The ASB Foundation relies on private donations from individuals, corporations and foundations. We offer our thanks to all of our private donors for your support and commitment. Your generosity allows us to respond quickly and effectively to those in greatest need. Thank you for being such a vital part of the ASB Foundation.

Our Team

The ASB Foundation volunteer team is a small yet global one. We would love to have you join us!
• Yaf Boye is the Founder based in New York City.
• Amette Saloum Boye, Yaf’s Father, currently oversees the operation in Senegal.
• Torsten Flaegel is the Director of the European Division, based in Germany.
• Yaye Mah Boye-Sar, Licensed Civil Engineer, is our Senepronet liaison.

Financial Transparency

We are a small team. And our accounting is always open and made available to any prospective and current donor wishing to audit the foundation’s income and expenses. We are proud that not a single cent is lost or spent on non-essentials. We keep our expenses low by asking for support from companies such as the container shipping company that transports, at no cost to us, the donated goods each year to Senegal. We are a highly focused non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers

Do you love to help?

Children are the future of our world. We believe that every time you help a child, whether with good nutrition, healthcare, a comforting smile or an education, you simultaneously help every human being on the planet – we are all connected as one.

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